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Written by: Sharon Donnellan  

Introducing Bellbird's Early Learning At Home


“Bellbird is 100% focussed on Early Education and we believe that we are the specialists in sourcing resources that will inspire the curiosity, creativity and imagination of children from birth to 6 years, so that they will grow up and become their best self, and leave a legacy for the future. We believe they deserve it.”

Here are resources and activities to continue learning and child development at home:

  1. Set up with Tables & Chairs - One Size Does Not Fit All
  2. Outdoor Play Ideas - Look What I Did Outside
  3. Numeracy Play Resources to Explore & Develop
  4. Science at Home Including Making Slime & Volcanoes
  5. Our Resource Centre is your full list of activities and resource ideas

We have a team of early educators and customer service specialists who are always available to help.

Sharon Donnellan

Qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Leah Brookes

Qualified Early Childhood Teacher


When Children Play, They Learn

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity." - Kay Redfield Jamison


Never underestimate the value of play. It is important to make time for play. Play and learning go hand-in-hand, they are not separate activities - they are intertwined. There is so much to learn about and from play. Play is more than meets the eye, yet play is simple and complex. 


Play provides rich learning opportunities and leads to children’s success and self-esteem.


A Parent is a Child's First Teacher! Learning happens in the everyday moments you share with your child and everything you and your child do together will teach important lessons that will help them grow and learn about their world. As the biggest supporter of your children’s learning, you can make sure they have as much time to play as possible during the day to promote cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development.


For example, children learn through their play:

  • cognitive skills - like maths and problem-solving in a pretend grocery store
  • physical abilities - like balancing blocks and running on the playground
  • new vocabulary - like the words they need to play with toy dinosaurs
  • social skills - like playing together in a pretend car wash
  • literacy skills - like creating a menu for a pretend restaurant



Young children don't follow timetables - they have routines

But more than this, children need play. It’s healthy, helping children grow strong and fit. 

Play also helps your children grow emotionally. It is joyful and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.



Routines for young children provide security as they are familiar and consistent, so children can predict what is to come. This is particularly important during times when there is uncertainty. The routine is more about the flow of your day and less about timetabling. 


When children play, they learn. During play they need time for repetition, to process ideas, consolidate ideas, to think and reply to questions, and time to be. Appreciate the time to connect with your child and share your practical skills such as cooking, washing and gardening.


A possible routine suitable for young children has been provided below. Remember that each experience can be offered either indoors or outdoors. Snacks, lunch and rest time can be slotted in between the different activities as suitable for your child. Please remember to keep the routine the same and encourage your child to help pack away. Motivate them with phrases like "I wonder how fast we can clean up together? Ready, set, go!"


Suggested Routine for a Play-Based Learning Day:


Breakfast with parent

Art & Craft Activity

Morning Tea

Play & Learn Activity

Lunch with parent

Naptime &/or Storytime

Outdoor & Active Activity

Afternoon Tea

Help out around the home


Resources to Help:

Shop our range of Early Learning At Home Resources now

We've grouped our Early Learning At Home educational resources on our website into 4 easy & convenient activity areas to assist if you need resources to engage your kids with, click the links to show now:



Activity Ideas 

Some activity ideas to get you started!

Storytime Play & Learn Outdoor & Active Art & Craft

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  • Read a book
  • Make up your own story
  • Create your own book
  • Make a story Basket- a basket with props to retell a story 
  • Use puppets for storytelling

Catch Up Time - Let's Communicate

  • Facetime with friends, grandparents or  family
  • Write / draw a letter
  • Write a journal
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Send an email


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Pretend Play

  • Tea party
  • Animals
  • People - families, doctors, shops
  • Cooking

Let's play together

  • Reading
  • Games
  • Puzzles


  • Blocks
  • Lego
  • Duplo
  • Magformers
  • Cars & Roads
  • Train sets

Science Experiments

  • Make a volcano with vinegar and bicarb soda
  • Make Playdough, Goop or Slime
  • Explore coloured water and what things look like inside it
  • Explore mirrors and reflection
  • Catch and explore bugs or insects outside

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Nature gathering

  • Collect leaves, flowers, other pieces of nature from the garden - put them into a bucket or container for art use
  • Use the leaves to make a potion

Nature tidy up

  • Rake up / sweep the leaves into a pile 
  • Gardening

Outdoor art

  • Take an easel outside
  • Hang paper on the fence and paint
  • Paint the fence with food dye that washes off with water or rain
  • Use a bin lid
  • Drawing with chalk on paths or driveway

Physical fun

  • Balls
  • Hoops
  • Bike rides
  • Walks
  • Balancing
  • Sand Play
  • Mud Play
  • Outdoor Pretend Cooking
  • Obstacle course
  • Sports - kick a footy, shoot a basketball
  • Ball Games
  • Bubbles


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  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Playdough
  • Make and create
  • Threading or beading
  • Finger painting
  • Fence painting - on paper or with water paint the fence
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Collage - pasting
  • Using old and empty boxes to make a dollhouse / robot / musical instruments



Want More Inspiration, Ideas or Learning?

Check out Leah's Top 5 Parenting Tips Video below!


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