Is the complete Bellbird range available online?

 Yes, Bellbird’s complete range is available online. The website also includes specials, clearance products and special order products which are not published in our annual catalogue.  The website is also constantly updated with new products and deletions.


I have completed an order and the screen showed me an order number, how do I know the order has been received?

 Once you have completed your order, the screen shows “order confirmed” you can rest assured the order has been received. You will receive a copy of your order via email from enquiries@bellbirdkidz.com.au. You can also go to My Account and look at Previous Orders to ensure that your order has been processed.


I have submitted an order online and would now like to change the order, can I do this?

 Yes you can change your order up until the order has been processed by our Warehouse team. Call customer service on 1300 365 268 or send an email to enquire@bellbirdkidz.com.au with your alterations.


How do I search for Products?

 Searching for products is easy, simply by putting the product description, code or keywords into the quick find search toolbar or by searching via the Category headings all located on the left hand side of the screen.


What are your bank account details?

 Bank details are displayed on the final screen of the order process online and are listed on the confirmation email sent to you once the order if finalised.  If you have a 30 day account with Bellbird, the bank details will be listed at the bottom of the invoice.


How long will my order take to arrive?

 Once Bellbird receives your order, it will be processed within 24 hours and the goods will usually be despatched within 48 hours. Some exceptions to this delivery timeframe are; if the product is unfortunately out of stock at the time of your order, or if the product is made to order with a supply lead time.


Can I pick an order up?

 Customers are welcome to pick up orders from our warehouse in Lynbrook in Melbourne via prior arrangement with the Bellbird customer service team.


Do the products you sell meet Mandatory Safety Standards?

 All Bellbird products meet Australian standards, where a standard applies. If no Australian Standard applies but there is a European standard, Bellbird will ensure the product meets the European Standard. All products are also rigorously tested by Bellbird management and our specialist purchasing team. Customers can also request a a product's Safety Data Sheet from our Customer Service Team.


Is Bellbird Australian owned and run?

 Yes, Bellbird is proudly an Australian owned and operated family business. Bellbird has been operating for the past 30 years since its founding in 1982, in Melbourne. Ownership has remained within the Dean Family since Bellbirds establishment by husband and wife team, John & Kaye Dean. It was after their retirement that son Trent Dean and his wife Angela took over ownership of Bellbird.


Do prices in your catalogue and online store include GST?

 No, all prices quoted exclude G.S.T. When ordering online, the G.S.T is added to the order on the confirmation screen at the end of the ordering process.


How can I see Bellbirds range before buying?

 To see the Bellbird range you can view products at our office, or arrange one of our Early Education Account Managers to visit you and present our products at a time that suits you. Bellbird also frequently exhibits our product range at numerous industry events and conferences nationally throughout the year.


Why isn’t the product code I’m searching for appearing on the website? How can I find an alternative to this product?

 If a product code cannot be found on the website, the product may have sold out, been discontinued or deleted from the Bellbird Range. To find an alternative or the superseding product (It may have a different product code), use the “Quick find box” located on the left side of the screen.  Enter a keyword from the product title, description or theme and a list of relevant products will be displayed. If you are still unable to locate an alternative, please call Bellbird Customer Service for assistance.


Does Bellbird sell environmentally friendly products?

 Bellbird has a great range of recycled, natural, and environmentally friendly products and our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Bellbird strives to affiliate itself with companies with responsible environmental policies and is fully aware of the For­estry Stewardship Council certification system (FSC) therefore takes very careful consideration in selecting manufacturers who are fully aware of the environmental impact and who are mindful of using sustainable products and resources.


Do I need to be a business to open an account with Bellbird?

 No you do not need to be a business to open an account with Bellbird, for a parent focused experience, please visit our sister site at www.bellbirdathome.com.au
You can register for an account with Bellbird which will be set up as a Cash Only account if you require additional Trading Terms (Bellbird work with 30 days from invoice date) you will need to complete an account application, please email your interest to enquire@bellbirdkidz.com.au or download an application form here.


I am opening a new centre, can Bellbird help?

 Yes, we have a dedicated Business Development Manager who is happy to provide customised quotes and personalised service and can manage the order from conception to completion. Bellbird has a 100% success rate of passing inspection first time. Click here to find out more.


I didn't receive one of the products I ordered?

 Occasionally some products may be out of stock at the time of order, these items will then be put on Backorder and shipped to you once your backorder is 100% complete at no additional cost to you. Attached to your invoice is a Backorder statement. Bellbird however does reserve the right to cancel any backorder under $15 in value and in this instance you will be contacted by our Customer Service Team. If the item appears on your invoice statement but is not in the box, please check again as sometimes items are wrapped with other items to ensure no damage occurs during delivery. If you still can't locate it please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 365 268 to resolve the issue.