In Focus: Vegepod Gardens

Providing the perfect introduction to gardening for children. Learn through play and grow through growing!

Vegepod is an award winning product for innovation and excellence, plus a Shark Tank winning success! 

Using the Vegepod is simply the easiest way to grow your own and teach children about growing herbs and veggies.

The Vegepod has been designed to be sustainable with a self watering feature that reduces water consumption by 80% whilst easily growing veggies in a micro climate 50% faster with amazing results. 

The Kindy Garden Program delivered with the Vegepod links directly into the Early Years framework outlining lesson plans and learning outcomes. 
The units have many features that takes the stress out of growing are self watering with in-built mist spray irrigator 

Available in 3 sizes, with the small and medium able to have a trolley option allowing for mobility and toddler height gardening, the many features of the Vegepod makes this a versatile addition to any outdoor or indoor space.  

Read the product brochure for more information on the full range and the links to the EYLF - download here

Watch how the vegepod water cycle works click here

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