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Setting Up Your Portable Sensory Space

Many play spaces are not purpose built which can make planning a learning environment a challenge, in order to include enriching activities which include sensory play spaces. The Fun2 Activity System is here to help!

Written by: Early Educational Advisor - Jo Harris  

Do you want to offer sensory activities but lack space to set them up?

Dislike the mess and challenge of supervising them?

Here are some simple ways to gain more space that offer convenience and storage in one, with easy cleanup!

Many play spaces are not purpose-built which can make planning a learning environment a challenge, to include enriching activities which include sensory play spaces.

These activities can be set up (and packed up) simply and with almost any material you can think of.

The best part is that they are so easy to transport to suit any environment.

Inside or out. Large or small space. For one child or many. Weatherproof, waterproof & lightweight. 

Once you have chosen your place to set up the rest is easy and doesn’t require a lot of time - and it is also inviting for children to involve them in the entire process. 


The Fun2 Activity Tray and stand is really easy to assemble - the tray is one whole piece, and the stand simply unfolds. 

Additionally it has 2 lockable wheels included, which is ideal to place in position with the other 2 legs to keep the tray in place.

If you don’t want to use the stand, it easily folds down to store away, which could be set up on the ground/floor or table top.

There is also a plug to easily drain liquid when you are finished.

Providing some basic props for children to select from supports their independent exploration and discovery in their play. 

Including some multi purpose items like:

  • Measuring cylinders 
  • Tubes 
  • Measuring cups
  • Sieves



Add sand to the tray and cover it when you have finished, ready to set up another activity on top of the tray. Alternatively you could use other sensory materials for exploration to your tray such as 

  • Slime
  • Goop
  • Lux Flakes

These could easily be swapped for other items at any time, based on the observations made of how the children are engaging with them. Play props can be stored underneath the tray to create a brand-new play provocation.



Ideal for all kinds of messy play, this system is also ideal for setting up other materials too. Exploring light, colour and reflection, these Fun 2 Messy Trays can be set up to fit inside the large trays as you like. 

Designed to fit into each other, they can be set up in one or multiple colours that suit the activity you have set up. 

Take your Activity Tray outside to keep cool under the shade, or find a quiet spot indoors to continue learning about the properties of water.



Make use of many of the same simple materials used in sensory experiences without water or sand. Adding colourful stones, pebbles or transparent shells, children can enjoy exploring concepts such as light and reflection. The same items can look very different outside to when inside! 

Children may like to find items from the outdoors to create unique art or use natural materials to sort and classify with other resources.  


The possibilities are endless - whether the play is quiet or active!


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