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Brush Guide

A simple guide showing the different kinds of brushes available at Bellbird.

Written by: Bellbird  



Stubby                                 Handle Round                                   Long Handle Flat                                                 Taklon 



  Flat Paste                                         Foam                                                   2060 Series                                  Water Play


Stubby Brush: A child's first paintbrush, available in flat and round                                 Ideal for: General painting, PVA & Paste

Long Handle Flat Brush:  Perfect general-purpose brush                                               Ideal for: Oil, Acrylic, and general painting

Long Handle Round Brush: Perfect general-purpose brush                                           Ieal for:   Allrounder can be used on all media

Taklon Brush: Smooth and easy to work with                                                                  Ideal for: Watercolour and fabric painting

Flat Paste Brush: Short-handled multi-purpose brush                                                     Ideal for:  Collage and craft

Foam Brush: Perfect for filling in large blocks of colour                                                   Ideal for:  Large block work

2060 Series: Supple and absorbent                                                                                  Ideal for: Poster paint and watercolours 

Water Play: Water play activities                                                                                       Ideal for: Outdoor play and large areas


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