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Caring for Your Felt Resources

Felt products are soft to touch and handle, but are often at risk of being stained through everyday play. With just a little care they can be kept looking bright and vibrant following a few simple steps.

Written by: Bellbird  



1. Make sure your product is dry before cleaning.

Felt will be more difficult to clean if it is wet, and you could risk further damage 

NB In some cases, if the spill looks like it will stain the felt, begin spot cleaning and it is best to act quickly to get the best results possible

2. Shake or wipe off any loose debris. 

On dry felt, shake your item off with your hand, or gently brush with a soft bristle brush to gently remove debris

3. Gently dab the material with a Baby Wipe

Allow the fabric to air-dry out of direct sunlight


Masking tape can be used to remove any lint or hair

 Using the sticky side of the masking tape, gently pat it over the surface of the felt then quickly pull it off to remove - repeat as necessary


Treating Stains With Spot Cleaning  

1. Dab a tiny amount of very gentle dishwashing liquid soap directly on the stain as soon as possible after staining/soiling. 

2. Use a damp soft, clean cloth with cold water and dab until clean

Take care not to rub the felt -  if the stain persists, you can add a bit more soap and continue to dab 

3. Dry off the felt by patting it with a clean, dry towel if required


We suggest that you patch-test before cleaning to avoid the chance of further damage to your resource. 

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