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Paper Guide

A simple guide showing the different kinds of paper available at Bellbird.

Written by: Bellbird  


                                          Bulky News                                                Cover Paper                            Easel Paper                                     Cardboard 



                                 Cartridge Paper                                       Kraft Paper                                  Litho Paper                               Newsprint Paper 



Bulky News: Perfect for painting and drawing (Available in A4 to Full Easel sizes)

Cover Paper: Ideal for most art & craft activities (Available in a variety of colours and sizes)

Easel Paper: Great for projects and most artworks (Available in a 10m roll or 1/4 Easel to Full Easel sizes)

Cardboard: Heavy-duty paper-based product great for construction (Available in White, Black and assorted Colours)

Cartridge Paper: High-quality paper for drawing ideal for use on Easels with paint, crayon, and inks (10m roll or A4 - A1 sizes)

Kraft Paper: Great for construction, puppet making & printing, wrapping gifts, or mounting projects (1/4 Easel to Full Easel sizes)

Litho Paper: Shiny & Matt surfaces; great for finger painting & printing (Available in 1/4 to Full Easel sizes)

Newsprint Paper: Also known as Butcher Paper; Economy, lightweight paper (Available in A4 to Full Easel sizes)



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