Centre Fitout: Jindi Kindergarten

Kindergarten and Extended Long Day Care Centre

The service on the day of our delivery was phenomenal. Our order was over $100k. There were 10 Bellbird staff on site. They all worked so well together and knew exactly what they were doing. Tracey arrived early and put signs up for each of the rooms. The boxes were all labelled per room so the team knew exactly where to put them.

They separated the boxes into categories so when they were unpacked the Art and Craft, Indoor Play, Outdoor Play etc was together which made it easier for our staff to set up the rooms and put products away.

They took each item out of its wrapping, removed all the rubbish and even ticked off the invoices for us. They were in and out in a day, no mess, no fuss. I’ve set up a few centres in my time but have never had an experience like this. Thanks for going the extra mile Bellbird.
Leslie Czulowski, Centre Director

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